Sunday, January 13, 2008

“I believe in love, but it don't believe in me…”

So while I was “home” for the holidays, and I put home in quotes because I didn’t go back to Okla. this year. My fabulous sister and her equally fabulous husband offered to host the fam at their home in Austin (well the ‘burbs of Austin, but still a quick car ride to downtown). I was very excited. I even went down a few days before to spend some quality time with my friend Abbie, before she headed home to Maryland for the holidays. Not only did I get my food fix: BBQ (brisket), Tex-Mex (flautas), and Sonic (vanilla Dr. Pepper), I also got to better explore Austin. I’m already missing Amy’s ice cream (Mexican vanilla!).

After all the holiday hub-bub, my sister, brother-in-law, and I went downtown Saturday night (12-29) to La Zona Rosa to see the Dallas based band the Old 97’s play. I was really excited and curious to see them live. They have a huge following (they have been around for 15 years and have 9 albums), and people always talk highly of their live shows.
To be honest with you I only know a handful of their songs. I actually am more familiar with lead singer Rhett Miller’s solo stuff. But I always like discovering new stuff, even if everyone else already knows about it.

The show over all was great. We arrived as the opening act, Billy Harvey, was playing. It was just a guy and guitar thing. He was okay. Wasn’t feeling him too much, but he wasn’t bad. He kinda reminded me of Ben Folds. Not sound, but looks. I think it was the glasses.

When the Old 97’s took the stage the crowd went wild. There was tons of energy, and they really took that and put on a good show. Sadly, I don’t know the titles to many of the songs they played. I tried to find a set list, but haven’t had luck in finding one. I know they played “Rollerskate Skinny,” “Designs on You,” and “Murder (Or A Heart Attack).” Then for the encore Rhett came out and did two of his songs “Come Around” (my favorite!)

and “Question.” Oh how I love that song too.

All was great with the show except for this group of super tall, drunk and high guys who stood in front of us in the middle of the show. You know when people are moving through a crowd and you think they will just keep moving, but they don’t? This is what happened. At one point one of them started talking to me and offered his shoulders to sit on. I politely declined. They got pretty annoying quickly. However, the rest of the people around us also felt the same way so it’s always fun to roll your eyes with a stranger when someone you don’t know is being an ass. You build that concert camaraderie. It was nice though every time they went to go get beer. It offered some relief and a view of the stage.

I’m glad I got to see the Old 97’s. They were great and it was nice to see a show in a venue I haven’t been in before. I’m also glad my sister and brother-in-law also came with me. I will definitely have to go see more shows with them. I mean they are in Austin after all!


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