Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Because I know today has been the most perfect day I've ever seen"

So I am really, really behind on my entries. Like over 3 months behind. And partially it is due to this entry. Wow, that carries a lot of weight, huh? But it’s true. I have been waiting my whole life, well not my whole life, but a good chunk of it (a little over 10 years) to see this band. And on May 11, 2008 in Bristow, VA I finally got to see Radiohead live. My life is forever changed.

As soon as the word was out that Radiohead was going on tour I kept my eyes open for a Chicago date. Each day a big fat “TBD” was staring at me. My gut feeling was that their Chicago date was going to be Lollapalooza and that made me sad. The first time I see Radiohead should not be at a festival. I didn’t want to deal with all the other crap that goes along with the festival. I wanted to see Radiohead on their tour, with all the bells and whistles, they way they intended it. Then dates started appearing for a late spring tour…predominately located in the South, but only one Midwest date in St. Louis. Then I saw it Nissan Pavilion. Yes! Right outside of DC and on a Sunday night. Perfect a trip to the old stomping ground and time with friends. I then sent an e-mail to all my DC peeps, no takers but Brie. I love you, my concert buddy for life! Now to get tickets…

My friend here in Chicago, Tobias, is just as big of a fan and gave me the link to a site for a presale, however there was no time just a date. I gave the link to Brie and we started stalking for any clues of a time. Tobias said he was going to stay up all night and keep refreshing to see if the tickets would go on sale. He was going to try for the St. Louis show. I told him to call me as soon as they went on sale. All night there was no call. I woke up earlier than normal to refresh the page as I got ready for work. At 7:50am I decided to leave for the train. I am on my commute and then a text from Tobias came at 8:11am. Crap! I immediately text Brie. She doesn’t respond. Double crap! As soon as the train makes my stop I run to my office and turn on my computer and go to the site. SOLD OUT. I calm myself down and remind myself that the general sale is on that Saturday. I still haven’t heard from Brie. Then early afternoon an e-mail comes. She secured 3 tickets and do I want one. DO I WANT ONE? Plane ticket bought.

By the time I got to DC and enjoyed the weekend I was practically peeing in my pants when Sunday arrived. Brie and her boyfriend would drive us. The sky was getting dark and little by little the rain was falling. Thank goodness we had seats and not the lawn. By the time we parked it was pouring. We were drenched by the time we made our seats. The umbrellas were ineffective. We made it just in time to see the last few songs by opening act The Liars. I saw them last when they opened up for Interpol. I was unimpressed then, and my verdict had not changed.

After The Liars left the stage more of the crowd seemed to show up. It was still pouring and I was amazed that the lawn was also filling up. Dedication indeed. I know I was cold, wet, and anxious, but I can not imagine how those on the lawn felt.

We kept staring at the stage as they crew was preparing final details and discussed songs we hoped to hear. Then it went dark and the band started coming out. Now with a band like Radiohead they have massive amounts of catalogue to choose from. I did my best to keep track of what they played, but there are enough fans that have websites dedicated to track listings.

The set list was as followed:
1) All I Need

2) Jigsaw Falling Into Place
3) Lucky
4) 15 Step
5) Nude
6) Pyramid Song

7) Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
8) Myxomatosis
9) Idioteque

10) Faust Arp
11) Videotape

12) Paranoid Android

13) Just
14) Reckoner
15) Everything In Its Right Place
16) Bangers and Mash
17) Bodysnatchers

First Encore:
18) Like Spinning Plates
19) Optimistic
20) Karma Police

21) Go Slowly
22) Planet Telex

Second Encore:
23) Fake Plastic Trees

24) National Anthem
25) House of Cards

AMAZING!!!!! I included some videos that people took at the show to give you all a better idea of what the show was like. The visual aspects (lights, video screens, etc.) were nothing like I had seen before. I was blown away. The set list was also superb. They played a good selection hitting on many of their albums and focusing on their latest, In Rainbows. Apparently this was the first time they played “Paranoid Android” on this tour. What made it so fitting for our show (and you can hear it in the video) is the part where Thom sings “Rain down, rain down/Come on rain down on me…” everyone cheers and then sings along.

Some highlights for me were “Karma Police,” (this always reminds me of Euna and senior year of high school), “Pyramid Song,” “Just,” and “Fake Plastic Trees.” I also loved all the songs from the new album. Oh so good. I can’t complain about the set list. I would love to have heard “You And Whose Army?” either version of “Morning Bell,” “Wolf At The Door,” and “True Love Waits.” But maybe I’ll hear those next time. There will be a next time, and I know it won’t be another 10 years before it happens.


Official Radiohead site:

One of my favorite Radiohead sites: and the set list and some reviews of the show I saw from that site:

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Today would have been Elliott Smith's 39th birthday.

From his official website,

the tide recedes but leaves behind bright seashells in the sand.

the sun goes down, but gentle warmth still lingers on the land.
the music stops, and yet it echoes on in sweet refrains…
for every joy that passes, something beautiful remains - m.d. hughes

Some of my favorite ES songs:

“Miss Misery”

“Waltz #2 (XO)”

“Son of Sam”


Monday, August 04, 2008

"Yes, no, maybe is all I need to hear from you..."

On May 8th I went to the Abbey Pub with my friend Tyler to see Cut Copy, Tyler is a huge Cut Copy fan and actually was the one to give me that extra push to go when I was wishy washy about seeing them…and I’m glad he did! Originally they only had only one show scheduled for 9pm. However, they added a second earlier show at 7pm and then the 9pm show was moved to 11pm. I was at the late show.

The opening acts were also pretty good and I was looking forward to seeing them as well. The opening-opening band was The Mobius Band,, and I have always liked their music, but never got that into them where own anything by them. I really like their song “Hallie” though. The opening act was Black Kids,, and I was really interested in seeing them live. I love their song “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You,” and was looking forward to hearing their other stuff. They were okay. Their songs sounded similar, but nothing was played that really blew me away.

By the time Cut Copy took the stage it was nearing midnight. I was really surprised they went on this late, but was hoping for a great show, even though I was getting tired. They immediately came out full of energy and started out with “Out There On The Ice” (which someone recorded—I wish I were that close!):

In the video you can hear all the cheering, screaming, clapping, and singing along…it was like this for the ENTIRE show. I kid you not. And there was tons of dancing. It was awesome. Such great energy not only from the band by the audience as well. There even was a moment when Dan Whitford (lead vocals) said that Chicago had the best crowd…ever. And you know what I believe him. EVERYONE left a sweaty hot mess, because we were all dancing and singing like there was no tomorrow.

I only own their latest album, In Ghost Colours, so I only knew those songs. The songs I recognized were “Lights & Music,” “Far Away,” “Feel The Love,” and my favorite “So Haunted.” I do know from Tyler that they did play songs off their first album, Bright Like Neon Love.

That had to have been one of the best shows I have gone to in a long time. I will gladly go see them anytime they come to town. Sadly, when they come back in Sept. I will be out of the country…next time. Thanks Tyler for telling me I need to go.


“Lights & Music”

“Hearts On Fire”

Live version of “So Haunted”

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