Wednesday, July 29, 2009

“Leave the things you don't need/And the ones that you don't love…”

On Friday, May 29th I finally saw one of my favorite bands live…Doves: I can’t even recall the last time they played in the States. If they did they totally missed Dallas, DC, and NYC (any of the cities I could have seen them in since I discovered them in 2000). I am on their listserv and always get so jealous when I see dates in their native England. So I could hardly contain my excitement that after 4 years of releasing a new album they were doing a US tour, and one of the stops was going to be Chicago. At my favorite venue, The Vic. Could it be more perfect?
I have been in love with this band since I first saw the video for “Catch the Sun” on 120 Minutes. I was immediately mesmerized and smitten. Who was this band? Why were they not bigger here? Where can I get this album? When are they going on tour?

With each album that followed I never saw them live, yet my love for their music never wavered. Then one day, 9 years after my first encounter with their music, I get info about a pre-sale. YES!!!! I immediately post my excitement on my Facebook account and my friend V responds that she wants to go to. When the pre-sale begins we both get tickets and then proceed to count down the days until they arrive. Finally, it did.

Since I knew that the crowd would be chomping at the bit for a good spot, I assumed many people would start lining up prior to doors opening. I was right. I knew exactly where I wanted to stand and was prepared to widen my stance so once V got there we would both have an awesome view. I got there in just enough time, before the line got too long. Once the doors opened I ran in like a cat scampering from thunder. But I did get my spot: front, center, first elevated tier.

As I was waiting I struck up a conversation with the people next to me. They were pretty cool. Also big fans that have been waiting just as long as I have to see them live. By the time the opening act, Wild Light, took the stage I was pumped. I really just wanted to yell, “Get off the stage! Hurry up Doves!” But knew that would not be cool, and I hate people who do that. Plus, they might not be that bad. They may be my next favorite band. Well, not quite. These New Hampshire rockers were okay. Not really my thing, but a few decent songs.

In between Wild Light and Doves, V showed up…with booze! Hooray! So then we stood and waited and got more and more eager as the minutes passed. Then the house lights dimmed, the giant screen that will show video throughout their show begins showing images of an airplane, and then the gentlemen make their way to the stage. The crowd goes wild! They start into the first song off the new album, “Jetstream”

They then continued on, playing songs from all of their albums. I cannot recall the exact set list, but I do know they played “Winter Hill,” “Almost Forgot Myself,” fan favorite (thanks to The O.C.) “Caught By the River,” “Here It Comes,” and ended with “There Goes the Fear.”

Also, many people took some great videos of other songs they played, especially this guy, DiegoVid (thanks, Dude!):

“Kingdom of Rust”

“10:03” (where Jimi mentions it is his birthday)

“The Greatest Denier” (the images on the screen were of recognizable Chicago buildings and our skyline—which is why there were so many cheers)


“Black and White Town” (they showed the official video for this on the screen behind them)

“Firesuite” (first song of the encore)

The show was not only amazing because the band is, but also because the crowd was so excited to be there. As you can tell in the videos the cheers and singing along were pretty consistent. In fact the band at one point got embarrassed that we were so adoring towards them. Well when you rarely come to see us, what do you expect?

This show just confirmed why I love this band and why I get genuinely excited about their music. I really hope that they come back to the States more often or that I strike it rich and can go to England to see them on a whim. Until then I have their albums and the memories of this show. Sigh.


P.S. This is my 100th post! How exciting! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my ramblings. Who knew I would still be doing this when I started almost 3 years ago?

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