Thursday, June 04, 2009

"We could be movers/We could be shakers/If we could just shake somin' outta the blue/And get off the ride..."

So after missing The Kills on their previous tour in the fall I was super excited to see their return to my fair city. On May 9th I arrived a bit early (I wanted a good spot on the balcony) at the Metro to see one of my new favorite bands. I actually was aware of The Kills before their last album due to the song “Wait.” An ex put on a mix CD for me…he was an awful boyfriend, but his taste in music was great…and when it was used in the film Children of Men. But their album Midnight Boom really made me take notice and was on my best of 2008 list at #2.

But before The Kills took the stage there were two opening acts. The opening-opening band was the Magic Wands: Another boy-girl duo who play edgy sounding music and have the whole “I wear my sunglasses indoors and never will take off my leather jacket” look. I really enjoy their set. Since I didn’t know any of their songs I had to remember some lyrics in order to find out what they played. I especially liked, “Teenage Love”:

I really need to look into them further.

The opening band were The Horrors, who I just knew from their first album’s stand out track “Sheena Is a Parasite” and from KEXP playing stuff off their latest album. I really had high hopes for this band after becoming addicted to their song “Scarlet Fields.” I was a bit confused by who their lead singer was because when they all took the stage there was this tall skinny guy lurking behind the drum kit while the others played, but then he came forward and started singing. They did play my new favorite song as well as many tracks from their new album, Primary Colours. Here is the video for “Who Can Say”:

They were pretty solid live, but they were not the stand out opening act for me.

I was super duper excited by the time The Kills took the stage as was the adoring crowd. Sold out show! They came out and started strong with “U.R.A. Fever” and we all went wild.

Alison Mosshart aka “VV” and Jamie Hince aka “Hotel” looked amazing and had great stage presence and interaction with the crowd. They also were pretty engaging with each other and played off one another during the show. Which was cool because I was curious to see how they would be live. I loved, loved, loved all of it!

The rest of the set list is as follows:

2. Pull A U

3. Sour Cherry
4. Tape Song

5. No Wow
6. Alphabet Pony
7. Last Day of Magic

8. Kissy Kissy
9. Black Balloon

10. Hook and Line
11. Crazy (Patsy Cline cover)
12. Getting Down
13. Cheap and Cheerful

14. Fried My Little Brains

The encore was:
15. Goodnight Bad Morning

16. I Put A Spell On You (Screamin' Jay Hawkins cover)
17. Dropout Boogie (Captain Beefheart cover)

As you can see they did three covers. All were done beautifully and with that Kills edge. Very cool.

I absolutely loved this show and will certainly see them again next time they come to town. It was a rockin’ badass dance party.


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