Monday, July 21, 2008

Videos for songs I love

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the song “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here” by She & Him. However, I am at a loss with the video. Uhhhh….why? There is so much more they could have done with this. Disappointed.

Another song that I adore is “No One’s Gonna Love You” by Band of Horses. This doesn’t fit at all. Again, so much more could have been done with this.

However, this is a silver lining to recent videos… Of course from the brilliance of Radiohead. In their video for “House of Cards” they use no cameras or lights. That’s right NO cameras or lights!

How did they do it? Well they made a video about that too:

Technology = AMAZING!


Saturday, July 05, 2008

"I think I…"

So I am obsessed with “Oh No” by Kaiser Cartel right now.

Such a great song about the stages of a relationship, and I like how the video ties it all together with the string. I especially love the line, “I think I’ll eat you alive.”



Thursday, July 03, 2008

"It's too hard to stand aside, here's the love to stop your heart…"

I am a HUGE Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC) fan. They were my first show when I moved to DC, and I made it there despite a hurricane…there were about 20 of us in the 9:30 Club that night. Awesome! I continued seeing them live whenever they made it into town. Sadly, when I was in NYC last year I had to miss their show since I was moving the following day. So since being here in Chicago I have kept my eyes open for their tour to take them here. Then they came. However, I was out of town due for work Total sad face. But….

During the last week of April I noticed on The Duke Spirit MySpace page that they were coming to Chicago to play the Metro, opening for BRMC. However, when I went to the BRMC site and MySpace page the show was not listed. It wasn’t even listed on the Metro site. Thinking that they must have cancelled the date due to the next stop on their tour being in Europe, I was a bit bummed. But something told me to keep investigating. After hounding the Metro site and then leaving a message and an e-mail inquiry I still had no response. I then asked my friend-in-the-know, Arturo, about the show. A few days later the answer emerged: secret show, invite only, Jack Daniels sponsoring, and a link where I could RSVP. I heart you Arturo. Thank you!

This was another show that I had some friends and friends of friends in attendance. The lovely Victoria and Alessandra came as well as Arturo, and then each of them brought another friend or two.

Me, Arturo, and Griff proving that there is too much rock for one hand

Me, Victoria, and Alessandra. Oh and the guy in the back with the white beard is Michael Been (Robert’s dad) and member of The Call

I was super excited for this show. The Duke Spirit opened for them, and I was looking forward to their set. I first took notice of them when I heard their song “The Step And The Walk” on KEXP. I fell for it instantly. Then one evening I was at my friend Tyler’s house and he was playing the most recent UNKLE album and I heard a familiar voice. They did a song with UNKLE called “May Day” that is absolutely brilliant. Overall they were a good live band. Many of their songs sounded similar, but they were , so great, so does it matter?

Once BRMC took the stage I was super excited. Hooray! They are such a solid band and their music is so good to my ears. They played songs from all 4 of their albums, as well as some B-sides, and 2 new songs. I can’t recall the entire set list, but from what I can remember they played: “Red Eyes And Tears,” “Spread Your Love,” and “Whatever Happened to My Rock 'n' Roll (Punk Song)” From B.R.M.C.; “Six Barrel Shotgun,” “Heart + Soul,” and “In Like The Rose” from Take Them On, On Your Own; “Shuffle Your Feet,” “Complicated Situation,” and “Promise” from Howl; “Mercy” from The Howl Sessions EP…one of my all time favorite songs; “666 Conducer,” “Weapon of Choice,” and “Berlin” from Baby 81; “20 Hours” from American X: Baby 81 Sessions EP…another song that blows my mind.

Victoria took plenty of photos, she is a professional, y’know:

Peter Hayes looking badass

Robert Levon Been rockin’ it

The guys: Peter, Nick Jago, and Robert

One thing I always get excited about is when Peter busts out the trombone

Such a fun show. Even though the crowd was a bit random due to it being a free, private show where Jack Daniels flowed like water (brown liquor…ugh!), they were overall respectful and stayed out of my way. I love watching this band live and will always see them whenever they are in town.



“The Step And The Walk”

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