Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Let it never be said that romance is dead..."

On Thursday, April 12th I went to see the Kaiser Chiefs at Roseland Ballroom. This was the second show I had seen that week, and once again I was going to have to be late, this time it was for work. I was looking forward to this show, because I was also excited about the opening-opening act (Annuals) and the opening act (The Walkmen). This show was part of an NME sponsored US tour. NME, for those of you who do not know, is a British music magazine that is quite entertaining. I think each week they have a new favorite band and consider the band they loved the previous week rubbish. Oh those Brits!

I arrived an hour after doors had opened, and as the woman at the door confiscated my gum and gave me a look as if I had something far worse, “You can’t have gum in here. We just put in new carpet,” I heard the Annuals just tearing up the stage with “Brother.” I hurried myself in, and tried to find a good spot on the floor. Unlike the Goldfrapp show, the side stage had tables on it, and was now a VIP area. So I stood on the floor like common folk. Once again being solo at the show allowed me to move up pretty close to the front, of course the crowd was not fully there yet. As Annuals wrapped up “Brother” and then played their final song, I was kinda bummed to have only seen that snippet of their show.


The crowd starting moving forward in anticipation for the next act, The Walkmen. I have seen The Walkmen three other times in DC, where many of them are from. There was not a large gap in wait time, which was good. They played a good mix of songs from all their albums, and even played a new song, “Red River, which can be found on the Spiderman 3 soundtrack. I have ended up falling in love with that song, and not because I used to live by the Red River geographically. As always The Walkmen put on a fabulous show. One thing I noticed since the last time I saw them is that 1) they all look really healthy, especially Hamilton. I mean I am not a fan of super skinny rocker boys. I just get depressed when I see boys in bands who are wayyyy skinnier than I will ever be. But The Walkmen, they are solid, and 2) All the band members are now married. Sad face for us gals.


So after The Walkmen left the stage, the crowd now started to push in and bunch up a little more. One thing about this crowd that I noticed was that I was the only one without an accent. Well I wasn’t the only one, but it seemed as if a ton of Brits came out to the show. After some time, the Kaiser Chiefs took the stage and just dominated the entire time.
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I don’t think I ever really knew what the guys looked like. I guess I was just caught off guard by the lead singer Ricky. In my head I had him pictured totally different. But that really doesn’t add anything to this story, it was just an observation.
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Anyway, for the rest of the evening the band had the crowd singing and dancing along to songs off both of their albums. On the latest, Yours Truly, Angry Mob, they hit most of the songs I enjoy including “Ruby,” “The Angry Mob,” “Heat Dies Down,” “Thank You Very Much,” and “Try Your Best.” Off of their first album, Employment they played such favorites as “Everyday I Love You Less And Less,” “Na Na Na Na Naa,” “Oh My God,” and “I Predict A Riot.”

I really had a fun time at this show. Overall the crowd was respectful, and I made friends with two gals who worked for British Airways. There was a random moment when this over 6 ft. tall Brit wanted to lift me up to crowd surf, and tried to convince me by saying, “It’s all the rage in the UK.” And I was like, “What? Maybe 10 years ago.” I had to decline. I didn’t want my naughty bits being touched, plus I was in my work clothes.

I really encourage you all to check out the Kaiser Chiefs if they make it into your area. They are so much fun to watch, and it is very easy to get sucked in to the show. You can tell they just are having a fun time up there, and then that makes you want to have a good time too.



P.S. I had pre-ordered Tori Amos’ latest American Doll Posse (it comes out Tuesday) from the label, and it came in on Friday. Whoo hoo! I always love getting albums before the release date. So far it’s pretty good. 23 tracks in total, and I am having a good time discovering them all.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I must have Chuck Norris on the brain!

Brie has kindly pointed out that the opening-opening act for the CWK is Delta Spirit, not Delta Force. The Delta Force is a movie with Chuck Norris in it. And we all know how much I heart Chuck!

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Delta Spirit Site:

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A great Chuck Norris time waster site:

I apologize for any confusion or leading you all on a wild goose chase for my mistake on a band’s name.


P.S. Thank you Brie for keeping me straight.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

“Do you wanna play fair...Or should I take what's mine?”

So here I go again slacking off on my reviews. I’m actually home sick today, so I thought I should at least do one entry. A few weeks ago (April 9th) I went to go see the Cold War Kids (CWK) at the Bowery Ballroom. This was there final night in a series of three. The line up on previous nights were Delta Force, Tokyo Police Club (TPC) and then the CWK. However, on the 9th TPC did their own gig out in the city, and we got Elvis Perkins as the second act. Which I was excited about.

Due to my work trip to Orlando, I had to make up my improv class this evening, and so I did not arrive to see Delta Force. Which is unfortunate. My friend Brie saw this show in DC, and said they were fantastic. So now I should do some research and check them out. I came in while Elvis was playing, and ended up hearing a song and a half. I wished I would have gotten there in time to see him perform “Ash Wednesday” my favorite song of his. Elvis Perkins is the son of Anthony Perkins (of Psycho fame) and Berry Berenson. His debut album Ash Wednesday was released in February. I hope to see him again live soon. It seemed like he put on a good show.

Elvis Perkins
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“All the Night Without Love”

After Elvis left the stage, we all stood around waiting for the CWK to come out. The crowd seemed fairly young, and people were already started to get rowdy. By the time the boys from Fullerton, CA made their way to the stage the crowd was just ready to explode. As soon as they started playing “Pregnant” the drunk guy by me started jumping around like crazy. I decided to move as soon as his elbow got a little too close to my face. That is one good thing about going to shows alone. You can kind of slide yourself forward. I was on the floor, unfortunately. There was a balcony, but since I had gotten there so late the good spots were taken. But I did manage to find a good spot on the floor.

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The rest of the CWK’s set was from their debut album Robbers and Cowards. Songs like “Hang Me Out To Dry,” “Rubidoux,” and “We Used To Vacation” had the crowd moving and singing along. They even managed to play some new songs and some songs they have not played live before. During their set Nathan Willett kept thanking the crowd and saying that they hardly make it out to NYC, but when they do they always have a good time.

Nathan Willett
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Along side of the stage were the band members’ friends, opening acts, and girlfriends. At one point in time during the show, two of the girlfriends decided to leave what I call “girlfriend row” and join us in the crowd. I don’t think anyone else noticed or cared. Of course they also at one point stood in my way, but soon moved out of the way.

The CWK show was great. And the highlight of the evening was during the encore when they played “Saint John.” Delta Force, Elvis Perkins and his band, and the CWK all got on stage and just rocked it out. It was fabulous.

I did enjoy this show very much. It was a great venue, and the crowd was less obnoxious than some of the other shows I have gone to. The CWK put on an energetic and audience engaging show. I look forward to seeing them again and for years to come.

“Hang Me Up To Dry”

“We Used To Vacation”


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Why am I so obsessed with these commercials?

I am not exactly sure why I love these commercials from Above the Influence (an advertising campaign used by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign). Is it the crappy animation? The somewhat indie rock music? The neediness of the guy? The too cool for school attitude of the dog? The randomness of the alien? I’m not exactly sure. But I could watch them over and over again for some reason, even though there is a certain sadness to them. Oh no! Am I becoming emo?

Stop Looking At Me

Not Again

I Feel Bad

Walk Yourself

Try Football

Another series of commercials I am really digging right now are from bp. The song, “A Little Better” was created specifically for the ads by Beacon Street Studios, and it is just as catchy if not better than some of the crap that passes as music today. Plus the animation is way too cute!


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"We're a kiss away from being dangerous..."

On early Saturday morning (my flight left at 6:55am!) I had to go to Orlando for four days for a work conference. As much as I enjoy my job, and as excited as I was to catch up with some of my grad school friends and former coworkers in the Florida sun…I was mad that it had to be this weekend.

Why you wonder? Well on Saturday night I had a ticket to The Long Winters show. I had been looking forward to this show for months, and couldn’t wait for it. Then a few short weeks before the date, I was informed that I would be going to the once every 10 year joint conference of the two professional associations I am a part of. Even though Al Gore was the keynote speaker, I would have rather seen John Roderick and crew.

I do this thing that if I miss a show or don’t get to go for one reason or another, I just pretend the show did not exist. I know this sounds silly. But it helps me sleep at night. Unfortunately, the show did exist. And I’m sure it was fabulous.

Also, me being away this weekend, and part of this week (I got back today) it throws off my next week. I take an improv class on Tuesday nights, so I missed it (sad face), and will have to make it up on Monday. This means I will be delayed in getting to the Cold War Kids show. Then next Thursday work (once again) is getting in the way, and will delay me to the Kaiser Chiefs show. Boo! So until the day comes where I can get paid for going to shows, I gotta work with the future generation to pay the bills and concert tickets.


“Fire Island, AK”

“Blue Diamonds”

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