Saturday, July 05, 2008

"I think I…"

So I am obsessed with “Oh No” by Kaiser Cartel right now.

Such a great song about the stages of a relationship, and I like how the video ties it all together with the string. I especially love the line, “I think I’ll eat you alive.”



LOVE this band. Saw them at Schuba's Thursday night and they were amazing. I heard they are coming back to Chicago this week to open for Paula Cole. I might try to go see them again (where people listen better). At Schuba's, half the people (the half near the stage) were listening and so into it and the other half were talking and just rude as hell until the two of them went out into the audience to sing!!!! That shut them up and won them over. Hope it made 'em feel like they'd been assholes for not listening before. Rude people SUCK!
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