Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Welcome to my world...

It is no surprise to anyone who knows me…or has ever come into contact with me…that I am a music junkie. Since the age of 14, music has played a major role in my life. This was the age that I started thinking for myself (no offense to top 40 radio), and started to really be enthralled with all of it. To this day, music is my friend and my captor. It dominates a huge part of my life, and because of this, to know me is to know my music. I have never learned to play an instrument (even though there was that brief encounter with a piano class), and so I choose to take the role as fan, or rather super fan.

At times I have been accused of being a music snob, a title I don’t deny, but sometimes it can be unfairly put on me. I do my best to listen to all genres, but the fact is I like what I like. I do try my best to discover new artists and bands, as well as give those who have started it all a chance. But alas, I am human.

Since starting my obsession with music, it has always been a goal of mine to introduce the music I’m listening to, to the people around me. It started with making mixed tapes, and then making mixed CDs for my friends and family. From what I hear they are pretty good mixes, and do the job. It is my goal to introduce good music to good people. This is why I have started this blog.

In some ways I have unofficially had a blog. Over the years I have e-mailed my friends notifying them of bands they should go see, CDs they should buy, or sharing some random stories of band encounters. So you could say this is a natural progression. Over the past few weeks someone suggested I start one, and then when I was trying to gage if anyone would actually read it, people said they would. So thank you to the three of you who said you would read this, now you have to stay true to your word.

I hope that this blog will allow my friends, family, and anyone else who stumbles across it to be a part of my music world…for better or worse. I really don’t want this to be a diary of my life and the random things that go on in it. Chances are some of that will seep through. I also watch too much TV, so that might come in from time to time as well. Hello! My nickname was Pop Culture Princess on the radio show I did in grad school. So I apologize if random celebrity gossip, or my goofy celebrity crushes appear in these things. But I digress…

The title of my blog, as you can obviously see, is “Melt Your Face Off.” This is a term that some of my friends and I use when something (typically music) is so rockin’ it literally could melt your face off. A gross visual, I apologize, but hopefully you can sense the intensity. I plan to write about songs, albums, and videos I’m into, as well as tell you about the shows I’m going to these days. I probably will also divulge some of my sources in where I discover music. Most of you know these things already, because I’ve tried pushing them on you before, but maybe now you’ll listen.

So I hope you enjoy what I write about, and please feel free to leave comments or give me suggestions on stuff to listen to. I don’t claim to know everything, so it’s always nice to be introduced to something new.

Take care and keep on rockin’ in the free world.


Song I’m obsessed with right now: “Hang Me Up To Dry” by Cold War Kids

Video I love right now: “Empire” by Kasabian

You rock, Stefania! You know I'll be reading this daily. While listening to KEXP, of course.
my face is melting already.
what did I listen to on my ipod for the last 1500 miles of driving I did this week? Stefania's mix. All four of them. So will I be reading this blog? You betcha. 1500 miles in a pickup truck demands a pure and lasting sound. You got it, girl.
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