Monday, January 15, 2007

Stefania is a Glam Rocker

And they're going to the Discotheque Au Go Go
But she just couldn't stay
Well New York City really has it all
Oh yeah, oh yeah

Stefania is a glam rocker
Stefania is a glam rocker
Stefania is a glam rocker now

(Thanks Ramones!)

I feel most of my entries this far are about shows I’m attending. But there are other places that I go to in order to enjoy music…like whenever I go out to local bars. I am not longer really into the club scene where DJs spin the “Umm-chick-a-umm-chick-a-umm” music. Those kind of places, had a place in my heart at one point in time, and it wasn’t the music that was a turn off for me (sometimes you want to dance), but the whole scene just got old. These days and really towards the end of my DC days, I seem to find more of a home in dive-y type bars that have a really good juke box or a DJ that plays stuff that maybe I haven’t heard in a while or that I get excited about hearing. Remember how I admitted I was a music snob? Well she’s coming out. Oh and vodka. The place has to have good vodka.

Last Monday was David Bowie’s 60th birthday. My roommie Stacy is a HUGE Bowie fan, and found a birthday bash being held on Saturday to honor the man. Glamdammit is the brain child of DJ Antonio, and has been held at several bars in the NYC area. Currently it is held every second Saturday at Rififi (332 East 11th Street). So when Stacy got word of the b-day bash we knew it was a must!

Stacy and I arrived an hour or so after the party officially began. It looked as if it was a regular night at the place, not that either of us had ever been, but we saw nothing that made it a Bowie b-day bash. We were expecting more people glammed out. More people dressed like Bowie (there was supposed to be a contest). Maybe some decorations. And more Bowie music. It seemed as if every 12 songs a Bowie song was played. Stacy and I were lucky to position ourselves with seats at the bar. Within a matter of minutes the bar was swamped due to it now being open bar. People will go absolutely nuts-so for free well vodka and MGD. Not us. Not that we are snooty when it comes to booze, but for Stacy and I booze isn’t all that important. After being smooshed and smashed for the hour of open bar, and not really seeing or hearing much Bowie love, we decided to hit the next bar. As we were leaving the DJ played “Strict Machine” by Goldfrapp. I asked Stacy if we could stay and dance to it.

Well one dance led to us staying for another hour. The DJ started playing other glam faves such as T. Rex, Gary Glitter, Slade, Lou Reed, Queen, New York Dolls, Sweet, and of course Bowie. Stacy and I left the place sweaty and danced out. It actually turned out to be a fun night after all, even though it was not as Bowie filled as we would have liked it.

Stacy and I also decided that next year we are going to throw a much better Bowie b-day bash in our apartment.


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I hope I’m still rockin’ at 60!

Dude, didn't you already establish on my myspace that you will still be rockin' when you're 60? It's not even a question!

And I expect a glittery invite to next year's bash.
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