Thursday, March 22, 2007

American Girl Posse

So I had every intention tonight of writing an entry about the Shins/Viva Voce show, but I received an e-mail newsletter update (I think I’m signed up for every bands’ listserv sometimes, but there are some I just get giddy when I see in my inbox and this is one of those) from the Tori Amos team. And in it were some gems, and so because of that I felt compelled to gush about my excitement of her upcoming album, American Girl Posse.

I know many of you are groaning. But you know what? I don’t care. I am a HUGE Tori fan. HUGE! I fell in love with her music in 1997, and have since considered her my favorite artist. Top of the list. I don’t tend to bring that up due to the fact that most people have an opinion or an idea about her, and then ultimately project that idea on her fans. And they unfairly lump her into some genre of chick music that deals with “womyn” issues. And those people are wrong. But I could go on for days on why Tori is fabulous and that is not the reason why I am writing this. Go back to the new album, Stefania, the new album…

May 1st cannot come soon enough. Weeks ago I received the e-mail newsletter update announcing her European summer tour (will be stalking her site for the US dates). The image that was in the e-mail was so striking and I keep going back to her site to study it:
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Who is this woman standing there in her sequined dress with a bible in her right hand, “shame” written on her left, blood running down her leg, and stuck what it seems in the middle of suburbia? I am intrigued to find out more about what this new album has to offer. What is the theme? The stories of the “girls” (as Tori calls her songs).

And then tonight I check my e-mail and another update is in my inbox. One that gives away a little bit more. In it is another photo of all the girls of the American Doll Posse:
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(From left to right: Santa, Clyde, Isabel, Tori, and Pip)
Who are these ladies? How do they fit into this whole thing?

And then another nugget, an audio message from Tori giving a brief introduction to the girls and letting us know that each of the women have a blog, but they are hidden and we must find them, but they are updated frequently (unlike me the past few weeks!). So now I will be on the look out.

I’m super excited.

Sorry if this posting was not your cup of tea, but you are just going to have to get over it I’m afraid.


A good article (part 1) to get a feel for this album can be found here:

Tori’s site:

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