Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"We're a kiss away from being dangerous..."

On early Saturday morning (my flight left at 6:55am!) I had to go to Orlando for four days for a work conference. As much as I enjoy my job, and as excited as I was to catch up with some of my grad school friends and former coworkers in the Florida sun…I was mad that it had to be this weekend.

Why you wonder? Well on Saturday night I had a ticket to The Long Winters show. I had been looking forward to this show for months, and couldn’t wait for it. Then a few short weeks before the date, I was informed that I would be going to the once every 10 year joint conference of the two professional associations I am a part of. Even though Al Gore was the keynote speaker, I would have rather seen John Roderick and crew.

I do this thing that if I miss a show or don’t get to go for one reason or another, I just pretend the show did not exist. I know this sounds silly. But it helps me sleep at night. Unfortunately, the show did exist. And I’m sure it was fabulous.

Also, me being away this weekend, and part of this week (I got back today) it throws off my next week. I take an improv class on Tuesday nights, so I missed it (sad face), and will have to make it up on Monday. This means I will be delayed in getting to the Cold War Kids show. Then next Thursday work (once again) is getting in the way, and will delay me to the Kaiser Chiefs show. Boo! So until the day comes where I can get paid for going to shows, I gotta work with the future generation to pay the bills and concert tickets.


“Fire Island, AK”

“Blue Diamonds”

"I take an improv class on Tuesday nights, so I missed it"

And the class missed you. Sad face.
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