Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Why am I so obsessed with these commercials?

I am not exactly sure why I love these commercials from Above the Influence (an advertising campaign used by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign). Is it the crappy animation? The somewhat indie rock music? The neediness of the guy? The too cool for school attitude of the dog? The randomness of the alien? I’m not exactly sure. But I could watch them over and over again for some reason, even though there is a certain sadness to them. Oh no! Am I becoming emo?

Stop Looking At Me

Not Again

I Feel Bad

Walk Yourself

Try Football

Another series of commercials I am really digging right now are from bp. The song, “A Little Better” was created specifically for the ads by Beacon Street Studios, and it is just as catchy if not better than some of the crap that passes as music today. Plus the animation is way too cute!


Dear World,

Burning up the earth's natural resources and polluting the atmosphere can be FUN and CUTE! Come to BP gas.

Because you can't have British Petroleum without a By Product.
Umm, I don't think those anti-pot ads are going to work. Especially the last one. Although national drug control policy never has harnessed the power of football before, so who knows.
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