Monday, May 28, 2007

"It's now I know do I stay or do I go
And it is finally I decide
That I'll be leaving
In the fairest of the seasons"
"The Fairest Of The Seasons"—Nico

I know I try not to get to personal with my blogs, but I’m going to. So as many of you may know, I am leaving NYC at the end of this week. Friday to be exact. After being in this city for almost a year (my anniversary is June 3rd), I am sad to leave. I know when I first got here I really had a hard time with NYC. I had just left the DC area and a very comfortable existence full of friends and a life I loved.

When I arrived in NYC I had two friends here, I was moving in with strangers (who I have since grown to love), and it rained all the time. I thought it was going to be really hard to actually like this city. But I knew if I gave it time I would like it...hopefully. I mean I wasn’t all gung ho about DC either when I first got there, but by the end of 3 years I still miss it.

As my move is approaching I have realized that I was (and still am) lucky to have given this city a fair shot. I think the biggest turn around for me was starting improv classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB). I have met some wonderful people in my classes and practice sessions and have gotten to know some of the best improvisers in the business. My interest in comedy has gone back since I was very young, and I knew that if I ever got the chance to explore it, I would. The foundation I have received from the UCB is priceless. I do hope to continue my improvisational education while in Chicago. And if I am any good at it, chances are I’ll have to come back to NYC or go to LA (How many cities will you live in, Stefania?!?).

Another reason why I am okay in leaving NYC is that my love of going to shows will not be eliminated. DC spoiled me. From that point on, I knew no matter where I lived in the future, I had to live someplace where there is an active, vibrant music scene. Chicago definitely fits that requirement. So fear not, the blog will continue. How exciting for me to explore new venues and see new festivals. This will certainly be good times.

Thank you again to everyone who has made my life in NYC enjoyable. It saddens me to think we have known each other for such short amount of time. I feel so attached. Please know you always have an open invitation to visit me in the Windy City, and I hope to come back and visit you all too.

And to those of you have always stood by me and have helped me with this decision making process, I owe you a lot. I can get pretty irrational/emotional when it comes to making “adult” decisions, and I needed that support and often times a smack in the face to figure it out. Thanks for that, and come visit as well.

I always seem to leave city on a high note. What I mean by that is I leave a city when I still am fond of it. Which is great because then I know I could always go back. I’m not sure how long I will stay in Chicago (I can say confidently more than a year), and who knows where I will go after that (I really don’t want to think about it—moving sucks). But I hope that regardless of where I am we continue to keep in touch, and that you continue to read my blog as long as I keep writing it.


If you ever come to NYC for a vacation let us know. I'll buy you a pitcher.
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