Friday, July 06, 2007

"Hey, do you remember Austin Stories?"

This is a question I seem to ask a lot when speaking to people who are comedy nerds like me. Austin Stories was MTV’s first prime time sitcom, and wasn’t even on a full year (September 1997-June 1998) when it was cancelled.

Whenever I am reminiscing about shows I enjoyed in my teen years I always bring it up. Sure people remember The State and Mr. Show but it always amazes me that no one can recall Austin Stories. Except for my brother, and he used to tape it. And I still to this day talk to him about it as if it is still on the air. I know he is on the phone just rolling his eyes when I talk about it, but at least he humors me and lets me go on about how great and funny of a show it is.

Well my friends, I am happy to inform you all that I have found the episodes on my beloved You Tube. I really had the urge to put up all 12 episodes here, but I knew that would be a little crazy and obsessive. Plus, would any of you actually watch them? They are only 23 minutes long…

No, I will not do it. You all now know they can be found on You Tube. I will however put one episode up, one of my faves. Its episode 5 titled “Cults”


Here is a pretty good fan site for the show, offers episode guides and “Where are they now?” section:

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