Tuesday, September 18, 2007

“Nothing’s gonna change my world…”

I know I am going a bit out of order with what happened in my musical life, but I feel the need to talk about this before giving you reviews of the past three shows I attended. On Sunday afternoon, my friend Anna and I went to see the film “Across the Universe.” The Julie Taymor film that revolves around the music of the Beatles.

Now I won’t give you a synopsis of the film, in fact there are others who review it so eloquently you should just read theirs:

Sean Burns:

Ty Burr:

Pete Hammond:

Kyle Smith:

I know you are thinking, “But Stefania those review are all negative, the movie couldn’t have been that bad, right?” Well at first, as I was leaving the theater, I did think it was a decent movie, even though a lot of the storyline and characters didn’t sit well. And I think I felt that way because I love the Beatles and I love the music choices in the film. But if we removed the music from the storyline, would the movie be worth watching? The answer is no.

At first I was suckered in by the beautiful visuals: bright colors, the backdrop of NYC, and of course eye candy Jim Sturgess (rowwrr…), and then combine that with the music, it is easy to be fooled. But dear friends, don’t be. Some of the visuals will taint the precious memories of those beloved Beatle songs. The ones that you heard during your formative years and associated life moments and memories to. But if you do decide to go see it…it wasn’t so awful that the images can’t be reversed. You just have to relisten to the music and remember, remember why you fell in love with the Beatles to begin with. And we all know you don’t need a movie to do that for you.


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