Monday, September 17, 2007

Second verse same as the first…

So it’s almost been a year since I started this blog…my how time flies! When I think of my life a year ago I was in a similar situation, being in a new city trying to find my place. And the best way for me to make a city feel like home is through music, especially going to shows. And how funny that my first Chicago show was also my first NYC show: The Flaming Lips.

I saw the Lips on Friday, Sept. 7th at Aragon Ballroom. I went with my friend Mike from Atlanta (who was here for work) and his two friends Brian and Andrew. I was pretty excited for the show because I knew the Lips were going to do great. I won’t spend much time reviewing them, since the show was pretty much the show I saw a year ago. They are still touring on the same album. To remind you of the experience:

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Balloons, lights, and glittery confetti

They are still a great band to watch and they put out so much enthusiasm and energy it is contagious. It is hard to have a bad time at a Lips show. However, this time around I got to do the laser pointer trick. People who work for the band hand out these little lasers that shoot out red light. And during the show there is a part (during “Veins of Stars”) where Wayne holds up a mirror and everyone shines their laser light onto it so it reflects back. It looks pretty cool.

The Aragon Ballroom was an interesting venue. It had this Latin/Mexican theme. It looked like were at the Mexico pavilion at Epcot Center rather than a venue for a rock show. The floor was massive and there was some balcony space (which is where I think I will be for the upcoming Interpol show). The really big downside about the venue that night was that only half of the power for the AC was working. So it was unbearably hot. It was a combo of body heat/sweat and smoke (cigarettes/marijuana) that raised the temperature to a point I had to leave the crowd and stand by an open window. I really felt like staying there the whole night because 1) it was cooler and 2) I could see a lot better. But I knew I had to go back into the crowd to watch the rest of the show with my friends. I did survive though.

The opening act was an instrumental psychedelic/pop/rock/folk outfit called the Black Moth Super Rainbow. They were actually not bad as far as instrumental groups go. Sometimes they sang but when they did the lyrics would be distorted and it was more like they would repeat a line or a word. Most of their songs were pretty mellow. They too utilized video screens and showed off random movie clips or animation of things like tacos. I don’t have a clip of them from the evening, but here they are from a performance they did earlier this year:

I had a fun time at the show and it was a good kick start my concert going in my new city. In fact I will have to let you all know of the 3 other shows I went to last week. Until then, kisses!


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