Sunday, October 21, 2007

“You fly straight into my heart…”

On Thursday, October 11th my friend Stephanie and I went to the Aragon Ballroom (where I saw The Flaming Lips) to see Interpol. I still think this venue is weird and awful. Its way too big, but at least it was well ventilated this time. Since I knew I didn’t want to be on the floor, I had to get there a tad bit early to secure a spot in the balcony area. I found us a pretty good spot with chairs and where no one would be in front of us.

The opening act was LA band, Liars. I have only heard a few songs of theirs on KEXP and the jury was still out. Well after seeing them live, I can’t say they won me over. Stephanie and I just couldn’t get into the music. It was abstract, a little weird, and very loud. The lead singer, Angus, did strange dance moves. The drummer, Julian, wore a hot pink boxer’s robe. The guitarist, Aaron, was just doing his own thing. I wish I could have liked them more, but I can’t like every band out there. But I’ll let you judge for yourself:

“Plaster Casts of Everything”

WARNING: If boobies offend you, don’t watch! Oh Patrick Daughters!

We were really excited by the time Interpol took the stage. This is the 6th time I have seen them live. I really enjoy their live show even though there is little banter in between songs or connection with the audience. It’s like they take the stage, do their thing, say their thanks and then move on. I also really love their light show….LOVE IT! They played a good mix from their new album, Our Love to Admire including “Pioneer to the Falls,” “No I in Threesome,” “The Heinrich Maneuver,” “Mammoth,” and “Rest My Chemistry.” They also played songs off of Antics (“Evil,” “Take You on a Cruise,” “Not Even Jail,” “Narc,” and “C’mere) and Turn On The Bright Lights (“Untitled,” “Obstacle 1,” “PDA,” “Say Hello To Angels,” and “Stella Was a Diver and She Always Was Down”).

I love Interpol. I know a lot of people don’t due to various reasons, but I still enjoy them. In fact I could watch them every night. In fact if I could follow a band they would be it. And if I were to follow them I’d like to do it on a European tour so not only could I see Interpol just about every night, but I could also explore some really cool countries. I need to start saving…


Some videos from the new album:


“No I In Threesome”

“The Heinrich Maneuver”

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