Thursday, November 08, 2007

“I want you lazy science…”

On Saturday, Oct. 20th I was lucky enough to go see another show (after Bright Eyes on Friday night): Nada Surf. I wasn’t originally going to go because the show was sold out and I had found out about it too late. However, about a month ago I signed up to be part of this indie rock-show-going-group on I know, I know…how lame is that? But I thought it might be good to meet some people who like the same music I do. I have yet to go to a show with these people, because they seem to go to shows I don’t want to go to. C’est la vie.

So on Friday I get an e-mail summarizing what activity has been going on with the group, and there was a message from a guy named Clint who said he had 2 extra tickets to Nada Surf on Saturday (they played on Friday night too). So I sent him an e-mail and asked if he still had one. He did. So I was going. Hooray!

The show was at Schubas Tavern (which is a venue that reminds me of Mercury Lounge in NYC) which I love! I met up with Clint, his girlfriend Katie, and their friend Jay an hour before the show at the bar. Another gal, Bree, was also coming for the other ticket. They seemed like cool people and after getting to know them, I discovered that they rocked. Yay, new friends!

After the doors had opened, we made our way towards the front. We got about 8 feet from the stage…awesome! The opening act was Sea Wolf. I only knew a few of their songs, and those were good so I was assuming the rest would be. I was right. They were awesome. They played my favorite songs “You’re a Wolf” and “Middle Distance Runner.” I really suggest checking them out.

I was excited to see Nada Surf. I had missed them in DC and NYC it seems every time they played. They started out with their 1996 hit “Popular.” From there it got better. They played “Bad Best Friend” from The Proximity Effect and from Let Go they played “Happy Kid,” “Blizzard of ’77,” “Hi-Speed Soul,” “Fruit Fly,” Killian’s Red,” “Inside of Love,” and “Blonde on Blonde” during the encore. From The Weight is a Gift they played “Do It Again,” “Imaginary Friends,” “Always Love,” and “Blankest Year.” A random song they played was “Meow Meow Lullaby” which appears on a children’s album. They also played two new songs from their new album coming out in February…which means they’ll be touring again soon…yippee! One highlight was during the last song of their set they played “Stalemate” and then morphed it into “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division.

It was such a fun show. The crowd was cool, my new friends were fun, and the energy was high. I don’t think I had this great of a time at a show in a while. This was the second night Nada Surf had played. They were so fun and really were appreciative of the enthusiasm the crowd. I think pretty much everyone sang along to every song, and just danced around like crazy. I loved it! This is one of the best shows I have been to. I highly recommend seeing them live. Can’t wait for February!


“You’re A Wolf”


“Inside of Love”

“Hi-Speed Soul”

“Always Love”

“Blankest Year”

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