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“But Baby I don’t need you cash, Mama got it all in hand now…”

So a month ago (yes, I have been slacking, but I am doing my best to catch up) I had two nights of Tori. When the tickets for the US leg of her American Doll Posse tour went on sale, only one Chicago night was listed for Nov. 5th at Auditorium Theatre. A few weeks later another show was added for the 6th at The Vic. I debated it for a split second, but knew I had to go. For each of the shows on this tour the first part of the show she would be one of the Dolls (Isabel, Clyde, Pip, or Santa), the character/voices from the album, and then she would do the rest of the show as Tori. It was exciting to guess who would make an appearance for the Chicago shows.

The opening act for this tour is a guy named Yoaz. The first night I arrived at the theater late with just enough time to see his last song, a cover of the Pixies’ “Where is My Mind?” Which he did beautifully. I knew I would see him the next night so I was not as upset. So the second night I was there to watch his act. It was just him, his guitar, and some effects. He is really talented. For some reason I cannot find his website. Weird. But if you get a chance check him out.

Yoaz at The Vic
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Nov. 5th: Auditorium Theatre at Roosevelt University
I have never been to this venue before. In fact I had never heard of it. Like I said previously I had arrive late. Just to see Yoaz’s last song. But when the house lights came up…WOW! This place was gorgeous!
http://auditoriumtheatre.org/wb/pages/home/about-us/photo-gallery.php# (click on “Pictures of Auditorium Theatre”). There wasn’t much of a wait time before Tori came to the stage. Which was good. I think Chicago has a law that shows must end by 10pm. They seem to start early and end by 10pm. Just a guess. Anyhoo…when the house lights went down and the band took the stage Tori came out as Santa! Yay! Santa is the Doll that represents beauty, love, passion, based off of Aphrodite: http://www.myspace.com/iampossesanta She came out and pranced around before she sat at the piano and started to play “Body and Soul” one of my favorite songs off of American Doll Posse. The set list for Santa included:
“She’s Your Cocaine,” “Dragon,” “Secret Spell,” “You Can Bring Your Dog,” and “Raspberry Swirl.”

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Then when the band started to play “Professional Widow” she danced off the stage. Costume change time. Then she came out as Tori. She was wearing this gold sequined one armed cat suit. Her hair was red and a blazin’!

While she was Tori she played: “Big Wheel,” “Concertina,” “Tear In Your Hand,” “Cornflake Girl,” “Your Cloud,” “Take To The Sky,” an improv version of “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen,” “China,” “Cooling,” “1000 Oceans,” “Hotel,” and “Code Red.”
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During “Nobody knows..,” “China,” “Cooling,” and “1000 Oceans” she was solo and there was this T&Bo light that looked very much like Tiffany&Co. This part of the show got a little emotional for me (won’t lie) since “Cooling” and “1000 Oceans” have such a significance to me. The highlight was when she sang the “brambles” verse of “Cooling” which she sometimes leaves out. Oh so good!
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After “Code Red” she left the stage for a split second (it was nearing 10pm) but came back out for the encore which consisted of “Precious Things” and “Hey Jupiter” where she sang part of the bridge of the Dakota version of the song. Which I love that part so I was kinda bummed she didn’t sing it fully. But hey I got “Cooling” so I wasn’t gonna complain!

On the train ride home there were tons of fans discussing the show and then talking about the next night’s show. I was really curious on what time people were going to get there. Doors opened at 6pm, show starts at 7pm. Tori’s fans are notorious for being crazy and obsessive. With The Vic being so small I wanted to get there early. I debated skipping work. I debated taking a half day. I thought I would let myself decide in the morning.

Nov. 6th: The Vic
So when I woke up I decided to take a sick day. I had actually worked that weekend (visited Purdue) and I really did want to sleep in and just rest. Plus I wanted to be at the Vic by 1pm. I slept in, got ready, got lunch, and was at The Vic by 12:30pm. I was number 32 in line. Whoo hoo!

The nice thing about Tori fans is they are pretty friendly. In fact the people ahead of me I spoke to on the train the night before and the people after me sat next to me during the show. It was great sharing stories of past shows, talking about songs we would love to see live that we haven’t (“Doughnut Song” for me), and speculating on which Doll would appear at The Vic (our money was on Pip…our hope was for Pip).

Now I thought I was a super huge fan, but after speaking to some of these people I realized I am a different sort of fan. One guy was using 9 of his vacation days to follow this tour. One guy from England was following part of the tour after he had seen most of the European shows. There was this group of 4 friend-fans who were following her pretty much everywhere on this tour. It was amazing to think how much time and money people spend on this sort of thing. I did ask if they go and see other shows or just Tori ones. Many of them said just Tori ones. I guess if you are constantly following her it doesn’t allow for much time for other artists.

In line
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Entertaining ourselves by realizing Tori fans like Chuck Taylors (I’m the red)
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Chatting with new friends
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By the time we got into The Vic we were slightly frozen. I knew I could have made my way closer to the front, but I wanted to stand where I had a good spot and a little elevation. I had the best spot I think in the first tier. Those of you who have been to The Vic know. And those of you who haven’t come visit and we’ll go see a show.

So the show started with Yoaz, and like I said he was pretty good. Very creative and talented. And then in about 30 minutes they got the stage ready and the show began. Then to the crowd’s delight Pip walked out. Pip is the Doll that is based upon Athena, goddess of war, wisdom and strategy:
http://pipolitics.livejournal.com/ Plus, she is the only Doll that could have easily fit into the look and history of The Vic. She came out and started with “Cruel” where she improvised a part about using and abusing someone you “love.” It was intense and at that point we knew that Pip was going to be intense. She continued on with “Bliss,” “Teenage Hustling,” “Fat Slut,” “Smokey Joe,” “Waitress,” and then ended her set with “Me and a Gun.”
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Pip is also confrontational and it came across in many of the songs. Hearing her sing some of them brought a new life and meaning to them. The one that hit the hardest was “Me and a Gun.” The song that is usually sang a capella and as soft as a secret prayer (it’s the song about Tori’s rape) was anything but the usual. It was angry and loud. She also used props (a knife, a gun) that just brought it to another level. Yowza! The crowd just stood there in shock and awe. It was intense times a billion. In a way left you feeling awkward and uncomfortable…but that is Pip.

As Pip walked off the stage the band started to play “Professional Widow” for the costume change. When Tori came back out she was in another sequined one armed cat suit in leopard print. To lighten the mood she began with “Big Wheel.”
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The rest of her set included: “Sugar,” “Almost Rosey,” “Cornflake Girl,” “Liquid Diamonds,” “Caught a Lite Sneeze,” “Winter,” “Happy Phantom,” “Digital Ghost,” “Hotel,” and “Code Red.”

For the encore she did “Precious Things,” “Bouncing Off Clouds,” and “Hey Jupiter” this time fully singing the bridge of the Dakota version:

“I go from day to day

I know where the cupboards are
I know where the car is parked
I know he isn't you”

I just love, love, love that part! So good!

So at 10pm on the dot, the show was over. We were shuffled out and just hyped up on what we had just seen. I was really glad that I had got there early. I met some cool people and made some great new friends (Sarah and Bryan).

I love Tori Amos. She is my absolute fave. She is creative, energetic, and just a great showman…err uuhhh show woman….or is that womyn? In any case, I know that she is very much an acquired taste. And I know that most people have a perception of her. However, if you are brave enough I say go see her live. Oh and “Bring your sister if you can’t handle it…”


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