Wednesday, March 19, 2008

“This is where I…”

It is no surprise that after spending 5 minutes with me that one will discover I watch a lot of TV. I mean a lot. Thank goodness for the invention of the DVR/Tivo. One of the best ideas ever. I watch pretty much everything from reality trash to insightful documentaries/educational programs. I watch Italian soccer and your standard cable sitcoms and dramas. I pretty much watch it all regardless of the channel it is on. Hey good TV is good TV! One show that has really gotten me excited is WE tv’s High School Confidential:

Even though this show is about to start it’s third week, I think it is one of the best shows on TV today hands down. Maybe it’s because the sociologist side of me dorks out on stuff like this. I have always had an interest in teenage girl culture, well since I was one. From books that describe the behavior of teenagers (Slut!: Growing Up Female with a Bad Reputation, Queen Bees & Wannabes…, etc.) to films like Mean Girls or even one of my all time faves, Heathers, we as a society have an interest in this stage of development.

The show also reminds me of my high school days and how much I grew as a person during those four years. It’s interesting to see that change and growth in the women featured on the show. I did enjoy my high school experience. I would never want to go back, but I look at that time fondly…even though I probably won’t go to my 10 year reunion this year. I am still close to the people I was friends with, and I’d much rather we all take a vacation someplace together. It'd be more fun.

I know this entry isn’t really music related, but I thought I’d share with you all this awesome show. It comes on Monday nights at 9pm CST.


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