Sunday, March 23, 2008

Who killed the video star?

I recently discovered the video for The New Pornographers song “Myriad Harbour”…one of my favorite songs of last year. Sadly, it is not what I expected or would hope for this song:

I love music videos. It combines two things I love: music and TV. How could it ever go wrong? But sadly it does. However, it can also go very right. Now, I know people point out the fact that MTV no longer shows videos, well except for that 1 hour from 4-5am on every third Thursday of the month. And MTV2 rarely shows videos, even though they were created just to show them 24/7. VH1 is also not focusing on videos anymore. I will say thought that at 3am on Sunday mornings they show some new stuff like Radiohead videos from In Rainbows.

So where does someone go to see new videos? MTV2 has a program called Subterranean that replaced my beloved 120 Minutes. It’s pretty good and you can see an archive of the videos they aired on their website. The Subterranean blog is also a pretty good place, and it is updated daily. Other blogs like Stereogum, Paper Thin Walls, and Pitchfork will post videos from time to time. You could always go to a site like YouTube and do a search of the songs/artists you like and see what is new, or go to the artists’ sites to see if they have posted anything new.

If you are really frustrated you can just take matters into your own hands and create your own videos for songs you like…in fact another music blog, Said the Gramophone, hosts a contest in which you create a video for a song you love: Pretty clever.

I have come to the conclusion though if you want to see cool, new videos (or any videos for that matter) you have to be proactive.


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