Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Our edges can never be found out/No, our edges keep moving further out..."

So I honestly have been putting off doing my last few show entries due to laziness. I know that sounds awful, but once 2008 was coming to an end I just got caught up in leaving for the holidays and slacking off. I debated not even writing about the shows, but then of course my Catholic guilt kicked in and I felt like I have this obligation to you, my loyal readers. The readers who will send me an e-mail or a Facebook wall post telling me to get my act together and write. Well, my lovelies, I will try and do my best. I mean it this time.

On November 7th, 2008 (See? See how far behind I am?!) I went to Schubas with my friend Natalie to see My Brightest Diamond (MBD) I didn’t know much about MBD except they are on Asthmatic Kitty, Sufjan Stevens’ label. In fact one of my first blog entries mentions Shara Worden (lead singer/songwriter for MBD) when she was touring with Sufjan for the Illinois tour. She sang the first part of “Sister” at the start of that show.

Well Natalie does street team work for Asthmatic Kitty and she encouraged me to go. At first I was reluctant, but afterwards I was really happy I went. One thing that really made the show was the intimate and comforting venue that is Schubas. And the crowd was pretty cool too. I mean who else goes to listen to a dreamy combo of rock, classical, opera, and cabaret? Pretty chill people.

The opening band was a group called Clare & The Reasons At first I was like, “Hey they are pretty good. Cutesy singer, sweet and honest banter…I like them.” But then they started playing a song and I was frozen in my spot, eyes glued to the stage. I was entranced and just felt it in the marrow of my bones. The song was, “Alphabet City,” and after hearing it I knew I had to go to the merch table and get the album. Which is rare, because I hardly ever do that. I knew it was kismet when I bough the last copy of the record. Score! Other notable songs they performed were “Pluto,” “Rodi,” “Can Your Car Do That?” and their version of Tears For Fears’ “Everybody Wants To Rule The World.”

“Alphabet City” (not from the show)

By the time Shara and the rest of her band came out the crowd was pretty warmed up. Unfortunately, after a few songs in Natalie wasn’t feeling very well and had to leave. Sad face, since she was so excited to see them live. Even though I didn’t know much of her music, well really any of it, I was pretty pleased. I know that in the summer she had released a new album called, A Thousand Shark's Teeth, and would probably play most stuff from that. Of course she would add to the set list from her first album, Bring Me the Workhorse. She started out with “Golden Star” and then went into other song such as “If I Were Queen,” “Apples,” “Disappear,” “Dragonfly,” Gentlest Gentleman,” “To Pluto’s Moon, and “Inside A Boy.” In the final song, “From The Top Of The World” they entertained us with a guy and girl puppet and did a little show on the corner of the stage. It was very sweet. Here is the official video, including the puppets:

Even though I didn’t go to the show super excited or fully aware of MBD, I’m glad I went and saw her live. And I’m really glad that I discovered Clare & The Reasons. Their album, The Movie, has been on rotation in my iPod since that night.


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