Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Yeah, I'm working/To make butter for my piece of bun..."

As I have already mentioned in my best of 2008 list, I was a recent convert to the church of Lykke Li: So when it was first announced that she would be playing the Metro I let the information roll past me. However, months later after being hooked on her album I immediately bought a ticket, and was excited to find out some of my friends were going too.

On February 7th me and some of my gal pals grabbed a drink prior to the show and then headed over to the Metro. Two of my friends had seen her the last time she was here at Schubas, and said she put on a good show. I started getting excited. We arrived in the middle of the opening act’s set. They were called Wildbirds & Peacedrums: and they also are from Sweden. I was not too impressed with them and felt that their singer was a watered down version of Feist. But it seemed like the crowd that was there was into it.

At the start of Lykke Li’s set the lights dimmed and the music started. You could feel the energy buzzing amongst the sold out crowd. Then she emerged. WOW!!!!! Such a hottie! Short shorts, super high heel boots, sassy bed head hair and bold eye makeup. Then she opened her mouth and her voice started the first line of “Dance, Dance, Dance.” AMAZING! My friends told me that when she played Schubas she looked more flower child hippie. So she must have gotten a makeover somewhere along the way.

The show was fabulous. She played pretty much everything off of her album including my favorite “I’m Good, I’m Gone.” She also did “Tonight,” “Little Bit,” “Hanging High,” “Let It Fall,” “Everybody But Me,” and ended the set with “Breaking It Up.”

She didn’t play “My Love” which I was really bummed about, but she did give us a few treats. One surprise for me was her cover of Kings Of Leon’s “Knocked Up.” I knew she had done it, but had not heard it yet. It was amazing. She also covered Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” to the crowd’s delight.

For the encore she started out with “Time Flies” and ended with Tribe Called Quest’s “Can I Kick It.” We all went nuts. Literally everyone was just moving and singing along to her sexy voice offering a new twist on an old favorite.

I really enjoyed this show and it just confirmed what a great performer Lykke Li is. I am so excited to see what she will do in the future. If you get a chance to see her live, do! She has a few more US dates left, including Coachella. Then hopefully she’ll head back home and start working on a new album.


P.S. Some great collaborations with Lykke Li:

“I’m Good, “I’m Gone” with some other Swedish all-stars

“Dance, Dance, Dance” with Bon Iver

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