Monday, April 20, 2009

"Well, I don't need no doctor /To tear me all apart/I just need you /To mend my heart..."

Originally Dr. Dog: was only going to play on Friday, April 10th, but due to it being sold out rather quickly they added another date on Thursday the 9th. I was pretty excited because I didn’t move fast enough for the 10th. I knew I really wanted to see them live since their album, Fate, was one of my surprise favorites of 2008 (my #4 pick).

On Thursday I hurried myself to get to the Double Door in time for the opening act, The Cave Singers: I arrived at the venue towards the end of the opening-opening act, Golden Boots: From what I could tell they were pretty good, and were a good fit with the other two bands.

I was really looking forward to seeing The Cave Singers. They are Seattle band and came from the disbanding of other Seattle groups like Pretty Girls Make Graves, Hint Hint, and Cobra High. They play their AMAZING single “Dancing On Our Graves” on KEXP pretty frequently.

The rest of their set was just as energetic and lively. They were fun to watch and had some funny banter with us. Like letting us know that Olive Garden is a great value for your money and to be sure to try the breadsticks. I was pretty happy with their performance even though I didn’t know the other songs they played as well.

Before Fate the only thing I knew about Dr. Dog was that they were Philly based and kinda jam bandy. I also was familiar with their animated video for their song “My Old Ways.” Like I mentioned in my Best of 2008 entry for them I was completely caught off guard when I found myself liking their song “The Old Days” and then falling in love with their latest album. I didn’t know what to expect from their live show, and figured it would be good but nothing too crazy. I was completely surprised again by them. They put on one of the best live shows I have seen in a while. They were energetic and were genuinely having a good time on stage. You could tell they liked each other and the music they were playing. The result of that is the audience gets into it as well, and just makes it an overall wonderful experience.

They played a lot off of Fate: “The Breeze,” “Army of Ancients, “The Rabbit, The Bear, & The Reindeer,” “From,” “100 Years,” “The Beach,” and “My Friend.” They also played “The Old Days” but they did it in a super fast way that was not as good as the original way they play it, in my opinion. Other songs off the album they did were “The Ark”:

and “Hang On”:

They also played songs from earlier albums, but I was not as familiar with them to know the titles. However, especially after this show I want to further explore this band’s music.

One thing about Dr. Dog that I was unaware of is that there are two singers in the band: Scott McMicken (piano and guitar) and Toby Leaman (bassist). I mean you can tell there is a difference vocally when you listen to certain songs, but for some reason I just didn’t think that two guys would be sharing the singer duties so well.

I absolutely loved Dr. Dog’s live show. I had such a fun time dancing and singing along. I highly recommend seeing them, and I look forward to seeing them again. In fact, I was a bit bummed I didn’t have a ticket to go and see them again on the 10th. Maybe with their summer tour and if they decide to do a summer festival, perhaps our paths will cross again soon?


P.S. One of my favorite gems: Dr. Dog’s NPR's Tiny Desk Concert:

dr. dog returns in june at the taste of randolph festival
I know! However, I will be in Indy for work that whole week. It's also the Just For Laughs comedy festival.
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