Monday, October 12, 2009

"So you heard I crossed over the line..."

On Monday, August 3rd I saw Tori Amos on her Sinful Attractions Tour. I went with my friends Alison, Ali, and Ali’s boyfriend, Matt. Alison had seen her before but for longtime fan, Ali it was her first show, and also for her boyfriend. I am not exactly sure how many times I have seen her live, but I think it’s been at least once every tour (with the exception of the To Venus and Back tour) since 1998. One day I’m gonna figure it out, as well as what songs I have heard live. There are enough super fans out there that have documented her every tour/show move since her start.

I was super excited to see her live once again, like I am every time she comes to town. Even though she tours after a new album is released and you expect her to play a good majority from that new album, this tour supporting Abnormally Attracted To Sin, but you know she will do some of your favorites as well as surprise you.

The set list was as followed:

1. Give
2. Bouncing Off Clouds
3. Cornflake Girl
4. Curtain Call
5. Hotel

6. Josephine

7. Pandora’s Aquarium
8. Marys of the Sea
9. Lady in Blue

10. Leather
11. That Guy

12. Northern Lad
13. Cars and Guitars
14. Fast Horse

15. Precious Things
16. Strong Black Vine
17. Police Me
18. Take to the Sky
19. Big Wheel

I can’t say that this was my favorite show of hers that I have seen, but I was pleased by some of my favorites especially “Josephine,” Marys of the Sea,” and “Take to the Sky.” Of course the crowd went crazy for “Leather” as they always do. She is just so hot, hot, hot when she performs it. The songs off the new album also played well live and I got a better feel for them, since it has taken me a while to get into this album. Starting out with “Give” was perfect and the song is just beautiful.

As long as Tori keeps touring, I will continue seeing her.


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