Monday, November 02, 2009

"If I am lost it's only for a little while..."

The weekend of August 7-9th was Lollapalooza in Grant Park here in Chicago, however, I did not attend. Many of you who know me are aware that I am not a fan of outdoor festivals, and if I go to one it will probably be the only one I do that year. Since I had promised my sister I would go to the Austin City Limits Festival with her and my brother-in-law in October, I was fine missing it…especially since the same organizers do both festivals and there were some artists playing both.

One good thing I can say about festivals is that they always result in aftershows for artists around town. Now, those I will do. I mean it’s just like a regular show. So this year I went to see Band of Horses at the House of Blues on Friday, August 7th. My friend Sam and her brother Keeno were in town for Lolla and we planned on meeting up at the show.

I really love Band of Horses and was looking forward to their set. Unfortunately, I didn’t meet up with Sam and Keeno in the venue. But randomly had stood next to some acquaintances and enjoyed the show with them.

They played a handful of songs off of their first album, Everything all the Time: “The Funeral,” “Our Swords,” “The Great Salt Lake,” “Wicked Gil,” “Part One,” and “Monsters.” From Cease To Begin they played: “Is there A Ghost,” “No One’s Gonna Love You,” “The General Specific,” “Ode to LRC,” “Window Blues,” “Islands On The Coast,” and my all time favorite “Cigarettes, Wedding Bands.” The guys also played a few new songs from their upcoming album, Night Rainbows. A part of one can be heard here at the start of this video:
(around the 2:06 mark it goes into “Window Blues” (country-fied style), at 3:15 it goes into “Wicked Gil,” and at 4:24 it goes into “The Funeral”)

From that clip you can see the crowd was very chatty and there was a lot of movement. That was the biggest complaint I had about the show. Since this was right after day one of the festival and at a venue close to the park, there were a lot of people who had been drinking all day and still must have thought they were outside and that their talking would be absorbed by being outside and the loud sound system. Not so much for the indoors, people.

I also had a really good spot. I have never seen a show at the House of Blues and when I first arrived I was on the floor in front of the sound booth and it was great until some really tall dudes stood right in my line of sight. Then when Sam arrived she gave me her location, but our wires got crossed on where each other were and the reception for both of our phones was spotty. But like I said where I ended up was great and I was with people I knew. So no major complaints.

Band of Horses put on a solid show and from what I heard they also did at Lolla both times they played (their time slot and as surprise guests on the kids stage). I am looking forward to their return to Chicago, which I am sure will come after the release of Night Rainbows. Which by the way, what is up with that title? :)


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