Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"One journey for you but it's worth it/One life here with me and it's magic..."

My friend Natalie sent me a Facebook message letting me know Ida Maria and Ladyhawke were coming to the Chi and if I wanted to go and make it a girl’s night. Of course, count me in! However, little did we know the headache this show would bring us…

It was a Perez Hilton sponsored tour (found this out after the tickets were bought), and I’m not the biggest fan of Perez, but hey, can’t disagree with his musical tastes. A week before the show we get an e-mail saying due to illness Ida Maria is not going to be there and refunds would then be given. We went back and forth if we should just get our money back and call it a day, however, I was still interested in going, especially since I was really going to see Ladyhawke. And now she was bumped up to headliner! Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head was added as the opening-opening act. A few days later the Metro made the show free! So annoying since I bought a ticket. It also means the show wasn’t even close to selling out. Again we thought about not going, but ultimately a gals night out with dinner and fun music won out. Whew!

So Saturday, September 19th arrived and I was looking forward to the show. Natalie and I met up for dinner and her friend from LA also joined us. We then walked over to the Metro and secured a pretty sweet spot in the balcony area considering we arrived at the almost end of set for the middle act, Semi Precious Weapons. I had never heard of this band before but the crowd seemed to know who they were by the singing along and adoring cheers. They weren’t bad and had this total new-glam thing going on. But I’d equate them with Shiny Toy Guns or Panic at the Disco...glam for tweens.

When Ladyhawke took the stage I was pretty excited. I was familiar with her songs “Magic” (my favorite), “Dusk Till Dawn,” and “Paris is Burning” (she played them all). Even though I didn’t know the rest of her songs they were fun, danceable, and got the crowd going. She only has one album, so it wasn’t too hard to figure out what was what. This was her first show in Chicago and I hope she’ll be back. If so I’ll be there with my dancing shoes.

After the show Natalie and I grabbed a drink. When we were leaving the bar we saw Ladyhawke outside the front doors of the Metro. We stopped by and said, “Hello, great show…” and in her cute New Zealand accent, she thanked us. We then walked away smiling.

One interesting thing about Ladyhawke (Phillipa Brown) is that she has Asperger syndrome. However, this doesn’t seem to stop her.

Official site:



“Paris Is Burning”

“Dusk Till Dawn”

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