Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"And you will make it, but only if you run..."

One of my favorite albums this year comes from Julian Plenti (the solo project of Paul Banks from Interpol). I was super excited when I found out he was going on tour and playing at the Metro. So the Saturday after Thanksgiving (Nov. 21st) I made my way to the venue for what I was hoping to be an amazing show.

It was okay. In fact, after I left, I had this feeling of “What just happened? That was not what I was expecting.” Maybe it’s because I adore Interpol so much I was still expecting Paul to be the same. Maybe it was the backing band? I know it is unfair for me to do that to him, and expect the same performance as he does with Interpol, but his voice is so distinctive and tied to that band it is hard to picture him anywhere else.

The set he played was not too surprising since there is only one album. The covers were kind of surprising. The Pixies had just played Chicago a few days before so maybe that’s why he played one of their songs? The America cover caught me completely off guard.

1. “Mythsizer”
2. “Fly As You Might”
3. Fun That We Have
4. “No Chance Survival”
5. “Unwind”
6. “Girl on the Sporting News”
7. “Madrid Song”
8. “Only If You Run”
9. “On the Esplanade”
10. “Into The White” (Pixies cover)
11. “Skyscraper”
12. “Goodbye Toronto” (“Let It Snow” intro)

13. “H”
14. “Horse With No Name” (America cover)

15. “Games for Days”

The next day I still felt odd about the whole thing. So I wrote Paul a letter:

Dear Paul Banks,
Although I love your Julian Plenti album, I do not like your Julian Plenti persona. Please stop doing it in public. I need you in a suit. I need you with shaggier hair. I need you not to have a thin pervy mustache. I need you not to “banter.” I think that was the most I have heard you talk on stage. Stop. Please get back to the guys and work on a new Interpol album.

I need Sam behind the drums (not some blond Butch Vig look-a-like), I need Daniel to be at guitar (not some guy in a t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off of it), and I need Carlos playing bass with his Deadwood/Gestapo look (not a guy who could be a member of The Roots).

But I guess this is how we learn…amazing


“Games For Days” (official video)

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